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Recording a mentor call on Zoom

We understand how important and helpful a recording of the mentor calls can be for mentors and students. A recording allows revisiting the material for clarification, review, or further discussion. 

Things to be aware of

  • The recorded call will take a few minutes to process and be saved in the local storage (in the mentor’s device).
  • The mentor has to manually upload the recording in the local storage to the cloud storage and share access permissions for the student. 
  • Host keys are only shared with mentors and only mentors can record a call. 

Steps to record mentor calls on Zoom

  1. Get a unique host key for each course that you mentor in by emailing
  2. Join the mentoring call and claim host privileges with the host key
  3. Record the session
  4. Wait for the recording to be processed and saved in the local storage. 
  5. Find the recording that is stored locally
  6. Upload it to a cloud service and share it with student

Step 1: Getting the host key 

  • Reach out to if your student is requesting to record your calls, and if you both agree to be recorded. Our team will send your your course host key.
  • See below an example of how the same mentor has different host keys for different courses.
Mentor name Mentor email Course name Host key
John Doe UI/UX Career track 243586
John Doe UX design career track 334217
John Doe Intro to design 634129

Step 2: Join the mentor call and claim host privileges

  • Join a Zoom meeting
  • Tap Participants on the Controller (screenshot attached). The participants list will display.

  • Tap Claim Host at the bottom of the participant's list. A window will display allowing you to claim the host role.

  • Enter your 6-digit host key, then tap OK. On successfully applying the host key, the mentor becomes the host of the meeting and now records the session. 

Step 3: Recording the session

  • Click on the record button on the Controller. 
  • Now Zoom prompts all other participants to agree to recording.

  • On the top left corner, it shows the call is being recorded. 

  • It is also possible to pause and continue recording, or stop recording, with the corresponding buttons in the controller.

Step 4: Wait for the recording to be processed and saved in the local storage. 

  • Once the call has ended, the call recording will be processed (converted) for viewing and saved in the local storage.

Step 5: Find the recording that is stored locally.

Default system paths where meeting recordings are stored locally.

  • Windows: C:\Users\[Username]\Documents\Zoom
  • Mac: /Users/[Username]/Documents/Zoom
  • Linux: home/[Username]/Documents/Zoom

In the local storage, this is how the files would be saved - there will be -

  • Audio
  • Video (mp4 file along with audio - this is the file to share)
  • Chat in txt file. 
  • Recording configuration system file. 

Alternatively, one can view the recordings from the Zoom interface under Meetings > Recorded UI (screenshot below).

  • Click on the Zoom icon from the menu bar. -> Zoom UI will open (Default home page).
  • Click on Meetings -> Go to recorded.
  • Here a user can view all the recordings and open them with their local storage location. 

Step 6: Upload it to a cloud service and share it with student

This file can be uploaded to any preferred cloud storage and can be shared directly with the student. See below some commonly used ones linked to the steps to upload and share files. 

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