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Revised Mentor Compensation Model

What is the Revised Mentor Compensation Model?

On May 1, 2022, Springboard is releasing a revised mentor compensation model built in collaboration with the mentor community. It is applicable to all mentors and course talent roles.

Why the change:

The Springboard mentor pay structure aims to further our vision of transforming 1 million lives by 2030 by better aligning mentor productivity to the mentor experience. This pay structure will make Springboard's mentor operations more sustainable, enduring, and better aligned to the ultimate interest of the students.

What’s changing:

  • Introducing all-time contributions - We are shifting away from considering limited six-month cycles and towards recognizing all-time mentor contributions to Springboard’s mission in two ways:

    • The total number of calls provided to students all-time (for all student call types)

    • The total number of student successes (completions or job offers) all-time for Career Tracks

    • Under this approach, mentors can only level up as they progress in their Springboard journey.

  • The end of student success rates - The updated model will recognize mentors by using the total number of calls and student successes instead of success rates. This shift comes from feedback that success rates held mentors accountable for matters out of their control.

  • The end of geo-adjusted completion bonuses - We are moving to a $150 USD flat bonus per Career Track student completion. This is an increase for those who have been most affected by cost of living adjustments.

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