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Logging Calls

Please, update each call status on a weekly basis to help us track student engagement. Understanding student call attendance is crucial for both pinpointing at-risk students and supporting you, a.k.a their mentors. 

There are several call outcomes you can indicate via the Mentor Dashboard.

  1. Call Happened
  2. Student No-Show
  3. Mentor Canceled
  4. Student Canceled 
  5. Unknown

Mentors can add call statuses via the Call tab in the Mentor Dashboard:

1. If a call successfully takes place, rate the call using the Post-Call form to let us know how it went. This confirms the call took place.

2. If a call does not take place, use the ‘Call didn’t happen’ button at the bottom of the form to tell us more.

3. For calls canceled prior to the event, click the call event in the calendar and choose ‘Cancel Call’.

Note: You are always compensated for calls if the student no-shows or cancels and student call attendance is never held against their progress or JG eligibility. More info in the Zoom Call policy article.

How to know when call status updates were saved

Whether you are updating a call note or the status, a Success icon ✅ will appear to confirm the new information was logged correctly. You may see other icons:

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Pending Changes when switching between Students

When working on your dashboard, please give some time for our system to save your actions. If you go away from the page too soon, an Alert popup will inform you of the next steps to take to save your actions. See screenshots below:

Note: If you’re experiencing errors when making changes on your dashboard, reach out to the Mentor Support team at You can refer to our article: Bugs & Technical Issues to learn more about our bug.

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