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How to Protect Your Privacy Online

While mentoring with Springboard, you'll be introduced to students who are enrolled in our programs. As with any situation where you are meeting people online, you may want to be careful about sharing personal information. This article has a few quick tips and suggestions for how to protect your privacy online.

What information does Springboard share with my mentees?

As part of the mentoring process, we provide the following info to your mentees:

  • Email address

How can I create private communication channels for Springboard students?

Step 1: Create a unique Springboard email address

It's easy and free to create a new email account through Google. But, did you know that you can also easily create an infinite number of aliases by adding a plus sign followed by any word before the "@" symbol? For example, if your email is "" you can share "" and any emails or calendar invites sent to that address will still be received by your main account. This makes it easier to block unwanted messages (like spam).

Step 2: Create a Zoom account

What about communicating with students outside of Springboard?

While working with mentees, you may also end up connecting outside of our platform:

  • Phone
  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook

You may want to connect with students on social media only after they have completed the course or once you've established a strong enough rapport. For phone calls, it's easy and free to create a Google Voice number and route your calls through this number instead. 

What if another Springboard member sends me inappropriate messages?

If you ever feel uncomfortable with the behavior of another student or mentor, please do take the following steps:

  • Email with subject “URGENT: Incident Alert”.
  • Add details including student name, what occurred, when it happened, and forward any relevant communications.
  • Springboard will temporarily stop calls until the incident is resolved.
  • Springboard will reach out to the student. From there, Springboard will determine whether the student should be rematched with another mentor or removed from the community altogether.
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