Do I use the old or new curriculum?

Our Course Development team is constantly gathering feedback on our course content to further improve the learning experience of all of our students. Throughout the year, we push updates to the curriculum that might consist of changing material, adding or removing projects, changing the order of modules, and more. 

What do I do when there is a curriculum update?

For mentees that are farther along with the course, we recommend your mentees stay with the existing curriculum to remain consistent with their learning up to this point. 

For mentees that have just started the course or are still early in their progress, we recommend your mentees switch to the new curriculum to stay up to date with the most current material. 

What will I see in my Mentor Dashboard?

In your mentor dashboard, you can click on your student's profile page to see which curriculum they've chosen. After we publish the new curriculum, you'll be taken to the updated curriculum by default. However, if your mentee chooses to continue working with the previous curriculum, you'll be able to access the previous curriculum through their profile page. 

From the student end, they'll be presented an option to preview the new curriculum, followed by a choice to stick with the current curriculum or switch to the new curriculum.

Will Springboard continue to support old versions of the curriculum?

Yes! We will continue to support older versions of our course curricula. 

The following versions currently exist:

Business Analytics V1, V2
Introduction to Data Science V2, V3, V4
Intermediate Data Science: Python V2, V3, V4
Data Science Career Track V1, V2
UX Design V2, V3, V4
Digital Marketing Career Track V1

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