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Mentor Community Opportunities

The mentor community is a core component of what makes mentoring at Springboard a fantastic experience. 

Over 800 active mentors are working with us across all courses. We aim at nurturing this community of like-minded experts and getting you closer together. We offer several support and networking opportunities: 

- The mentor community is active on Slack. 
- Our monthly Office Hours are for you to connect with fellow vertical mentors and share your Springboard experience. 
- The monthly Mentor Matters keep you updated on the latest info around Springboard and the mentor community. 
- The monthly newsletter gives you an easy-to-digest Springboard update overview.
- Quarterly mentor-exclusive events allow you to learn a new skill, network with other mentors, or attend professional development events.
This community is growing with you! Your feedback directly influences your journey, so please don't hesitate to share your experience at any time and especially when we send out surveys. You can share feedback directly with Thank you for your dedication and involvement!
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