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Your First Call (Template)

We understand that you might be feeling anxious before your first call with your mentee. This is normal! To help guide you through your first call, here's a handy guide / template that you can follow to learn more about your mentee, their learning style, expectations from the course, communication preferences, etc.

You can copy the language in this template for your own records or simply use this article as a guide. Be sure to take notes and keep in mind while you cannot duplicate this doc, you can copy the text to create your own doc. 

Your background: 

Where you grew up, where you went to school, worked etc.

Fun fact:

Your hobbies:


  • Background
  • How would you like me to call you?
  • Course goals: What do you want to achieve with the course?
  • Existing skills and strengths
  • Goals within this field: Discuss industry roles that appeal to them
  • By when do you plan to complete the course? Tight timeline? pre-planning and recruiting participants for the projects, early.
  • Learning style:
    • Independent learning or brainstorm with others?
    • Planner or go with the flow?
    • How do you keep motivated with new learnings? 1 or 2 things
    • What do you think you struggle with more?
    • Complete this:
    • What do you expect out of the weekly calls and from me as a mentor?
    • What I expect from you: I hope you can bring questions to the meetings and I hope to be helpful in your development as a [insert job title]. I will try to answer all of your questions, but if I don’t have an answer right away, I’ll look for it.
  • Capstone project:
    • Do you have any ideas?
    • Where did this idea come from?
    • Do you have any potential users identified?


  • I love seeing how many things I can learn from mentees, so don’t hesitate to show me a new tool or any ideas you have. We both can learn from each other!
  • Communication expectations: 
    • When can they reach you? How can they reach you? When can they expect a response?
    • Example: If you have any questions during the week, please let me know: For in-depth questions, send me an email. I will answer it as soon as possible, let’s say in 24hs


  • How much time can you spend for this next week?
  • What modules will you cover for next week? Please, submit the agenda through the platform
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