Can my mentee take a break?

For mentees who need to take a break from the workshop for work or other personal reasons, we have a freeze policy which allows them to pause their account and resume at any time. However, their weekly calls (including mentor support) will be paused.

When your mentee needs to take a break, they will now have three options (Pause, Freeze, Cancel) to choose from:

Pause Freeze Cancel
How long does this option last? Up to 3 weeks Up to 4 months Forever...until they re-enroll
Where will my mentee appear in my dashboard? Under ‘Active Students’ with a Pause icon Under ‘Past Students’ Under ‘Past Students’
Will my mentee have access to the curriculum and community during this time? Yes No No
Will they be rematched with me when they return? Yes, you’ll remained paired. Maybe. We’ll check your capacity and availability first! No rematching here!

If your mentee is interested in freezing, please ask them to contact their Student Advisor for more information. 

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