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Can I refer people to be mentors or students?

Have a friend or colleague that you think would make an excellent mentor? Mentor referrals are our absolute best source of top-notch mentors and we would love an introduction! You'll get $100 for every mentor referral that is hired and takes their first call with a student.

Please have your referral apply here or you send an email introduction to

Springboard wants to reward you for referring friends to enroll in Springboard courses. We have prepared the following answers to frequently asked questions to help you understand how the program works.  Following the FAQs below are the Terms and Conditions of the Springboard Referral Program (“Referral T&C”). The FAQs are non-binding explanations provided for convenience.  Any referral fee or discount is subject to the Referral T&C.

How do I invite friends to enroll in a Springboard course?

  1. When you’re logged in, go to the menu on the top right corner of the page and click “Earn $250”.
  2. You’ll see the unique page we’ve made for you -- share this link with your friends!
  3. When your friend copies the promo code on this page and applies it to their payment when they’re enrolling in a course, they’ll receive $250 off their first month.
  4. You’ll receive $250 as an additional honorarium (processed monthly by our Mentor Operations team) once your friend finishes the first week of the course (from their cohort start date)!

What’s the maximum amount I can earn?

There is no maximum!

Where can I share my referral link?

No deal websites, please! Instead, share it directly with friends over email or social media -- they’ll thank you for it! 

Check out our official Terms & Conditions here.

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