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Vacations, Breaks, & Time Off

Sometimes, you need to take a break from mentoring or have a vacation planned. We get it. To make sure we have the smoothest experience for both you and your students, please make sure to let everyone know!

Avoid Being Matched With New Mentees

We have new cohorts starting regularly and if your planned time away will mean you are unavailable to be matched with a new mentee, please update your capacity to 0 until you're back.

Going on Vacation

If you're going on vacation and don't plan on taking your calls, please give us and your students a heads up. Let us know what days you will be away for vacation so we can calculate how many calls will be missed.

If you will be missing 2 or more calls with your student(s), we will offer call credits or offer to rematch them with another mentor. Their Student Advisor will reach out to them to ask or you can coordinate with them and let us know.

If you're only going to be away for one call, please try to reschedule it or let us know at!

Taking a Break

If you want to take a break from mentoring, that's okay! To make sure there is a smooth transition, please send us an email one month in advance to let us know when you would like to take a break. It's also helpful to let us know if you would be able to see your last mentee until they withdraw or complete the course so we can anticipate any transitions.

Send us an email at least one month in advance. Let us know when you'd like to take a break and for how long.
Notify your mentee in your next call.
Send us a two week reminder email.
In your last call with your mentee, remind them that they will be rematched with a new mentor.
Note: If your mentees drop, please also make sure to reduce your capacity to avoid getting rematched with new mentees!
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