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Setting Up Payments

We plan to make honorarium payments by the 15th of each month for all the calls that took place in the month prior. Our agreement assures that payments will hit your account within 30 days, but we like to get it to you sooner! It is therefore critical that you accurately update your mentor calendar to reflect the status of each call. 

All our mentor payments (domestic and international) are made through our payment processor partner Shortlist .

Payment Set-Up:

  1. When you join as a new mentor you will be directed to register on Shortlist during onboarding. If you miss this step please register here
  2. It is important that you register (add profile details and bank details) within 2 weeks of getting your invite. 
  3. Please sign up for Shortlist using the same email address you use for Springboard. Using different email addresses may lead to delays in payment. 

Payment questions:

Note on taxes:
1. We do not withhold any tax on the international mentor payments -- you are responsible for reporting this income for tax purposes in accordance with your country’s laws.
2. For U.S domestic mentors, Shortlist will send you your 1099 for 2019 payments. 
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