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Bugs & Technical Issues

Video Call Troubleshooting

Video calls can be tricky because they rely on multiple factors to run smoothly. If you do run into video call issues, here are a few tips to take a look at first before reaching out for further assistance:

Restart your browser or computer. If you're running into camera or audio issues, there may be an issue with a plug-in, permissions, internet connectivity issues, speaker issues, and more. We recommend testing your mic and camera before each call. If you do have trouble hearing or seeing your mentee, make sure to restart your browser by quitting out and opening it up again. You can also restart your computer as well.
Close out any heavy programs. Having too many programs running at the same time may strain the call. Make sure all of your programs are closed before joining the call to ensure the best connection possible. If you have a program that also uses your microphone or camera, you should make sure that is closed as well.
Test your Internet Connection here. This is something you should do before your call, especially if you're taking the call from a new location. Public internet connections and coffee shops, hotels, hotspots, etc. all tend to be too weak for a smooth video call. Make sure your internet connection is strong and stable when you're on the call!
Check your permissions. Occasionally, something will be missed, and your permissions might not be set correctly. Check to make sure your camera and microphone permissions are set to allow Springboard access to them.
Disable recent plug-in installations. Plug-ins can also be an issue behind a tricky video call issue! If you recently made any changes to your computer or installed a plug-in, try disabling it temporarily to see if the video call improves. If it does, then that suggests that there is an incompatibility with the plug-in that may be conflicting with your weekly calls.
Check your camera/microphone drivers if you're using an external camera or microphone. Always make sure your drivers are up to date for external devices.
Video calls can be tricky depending on your machine and specific setup! Because of this, we recommend discussing a backup solution with your mentee. Zoom tends to work the best for most users, and Google Hangouts or are also good options. If you two are facing issues in the first five minutes of the call, then switch over to your backup link. After the call is over, you can follow these tips and test the call again.

Platform/Curriculum Troubleshooting

Before reaching out to our support team, we encourage mentors to try a few simple troubleshooting options. 

  1. Try logging out of the platform, clearing cache and cookies, and then logging back in
  2. Make sure you are using an updated version of Google Chrome as this browser best supports our platform

Reporting a Platform/Curriculum Issue

If you would like to report a bug or issue to our tech team, please fill out this form with details about your issue. Please include dates, the names of any student affected, and screenshots when applicable.

After submitting the form, you will receive a follow-up email with an issue number and more information on how to follow up on your reported issue. This includes a link to our Mentor Facing Bug & Issue Tracker. You can use this tracker to see updates to your issue or feel free to contact our support team and reference your issue number for more information. 

Expected Resolution Times:

It can take our tech team up to a month to find a solution for some issue's however, if more information is needed or the team comes up with a fix, you will be contacted by the mentor support team via email. 

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