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Student Course Break Policy

For mentees that need to take a break from the workshop for work or other personal reasons, we have a policy which allows them to pause or freeze their account. During a Pause or Freeze, your mentee will no longer have calls with you. Your mentee is allowed one break during their enrollment in the workshop. Mentees may also cancel their enrollment in the course completely. 

What's the difference between a Pause and a Freeze?

  • Pause - Your mentee may take up to 3 weeks to pause calls. They will have access to the curriculum and can use this as catch-up time. You will remain matched together during their pause and your mentee will remain under your "Active Students" list in the Mentor Dashboard. 
  • Freeze - Your mentee may select to freeze their account for 2, 3, or 4 months. During this time, they will no longer have access to the curriculum and your mentee will appear under your "Past Students" list in the Mentor Dashboard. We will try to rematch you two when your mentee returns if you're available. 

    Freezing is no longer advertised or openly messaged as an option. If your mentee is interested in freezing, please ask them to contact their Student Advisor for more information.

If your student has an emergency and is unable to reach out to their advisor at, then please email us at with more information about your student's situation. 

Pause Freeze Cancel
How long does this option last? Up to 3 weeks Students select 2,3, or 4 months Forever...until they re-enroll  
Where will my mentee appear in my dashboard? Under ‘Active Students’ with a Pause icon Under ‘Past Students’ Under ‘Past Students’  
Will my mentee have access to the curriculum during this time? Yes No No  
Will they be rematched with me when they return? Yes, you’ll remain paired. Maybe. We’ll check your capacity and availability first! No rematching here!
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