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What is a student advisor?

What is a Student Advisor?

The Student Advisor (SA) is your mentee's main point of contact for their workshop. Your mentee will receive all Springboard correspondence through the Student Advising team. SA’s support mentees in a variety of ways to encourage success, both academically and professionally, including:

  • Developing a Learning Plan for Success
  • Answering General and Springboard-Related Questions
  • Performing Check-Ins
  • Advising on Progress & Timelines

What should I do if my student is struggling?

Encourage your student to reach out to their SA!

Our goal is to ensure every student feels supported and welcomed so SA’s do their best to respond to emails within 24 hours. They are also available to schedule advising calls with mentees.

If your mentee has any questions regarding the workshop including completion, putting their account on hold, etc, please encourage your student to reach out to their Student Advisor at

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