Rubrics & Solution Sets

How do I grade student submissions?

We provide rubrics for all student projects and case submissions. Mentor assessment is required for all student Case Submissions and Capstone Projects. Mentors for the Data Science Career Track, Machine Learning Engineering Career Track, UX Design Career Track, and UI/UX Design Career Track program are also required to assess additional student work, as indicated in your Mentor Dashboard as well as the Solutions document linked in the table below. 

You can view rubrics, solutions and record your assessment for mentees in these directly in your Mentor Dashboard via the Projects Tab for each mentee. 

The example solutions to assessments and passwords to access those solutions are in the below table. This document can also be accessed through your Mentor Course Handbook.

IMPORTANT:  Do not share solutions with your mentees. Depending on the course, solutions may be made available and students should ask their Student Advisor if they have questions about accessing solutions.

For all other courses, please use the table below to access your project rubrics. 

Course Name Assessment  Solutions
Business Analytics Case Rubric
Student Evaluation Template         
Case 1 Chiboodle 
Case 2 Havmo
Case 3 Chemicorp
Casse 4 Crowned
Unit 5.9 Chemicorp Solution Key
Unit 7.2 CLV Exercise 1
Unit 7.7 CLV Exercise 2
Introduction to Data Science Mini-Project Rubric
Capstone Rubric
Intermediate Data Science: Python Mini-Project Rubric
Capstone Rubric
Data Science Career Track Mini-Project Rubric
Capstone 1 Rubric
Capstone 2 Rubric
Solutions for V2
Solutions for V3
Solutions for V5
UX Design

Mini-Project Rubrics
Capstone Rubric 
v7 Rubric and solution set

Example Rubric
Rubric and Solution Set

UI/UX Design (IXC) Rubric and Solution Set
Software Engineering Career Track Mentor Course Handbook  SEC Password Sheet for Solutions
Digital Marketing Career Track Mini-Project Rubrics
Capstone Rubrics
Portfolio Rubric
Digital Marketing for Professionals      
Portfolio Rubric


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