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Matching with Students, Capacity & Availability

A key part of the Springboard experience is building a strong mentor-mentee relationship. Before the start of every new cohort (at the beginning of each month), our Student Advising team takes a look at our students' interests, goals, geographies, and time availabilities. They work to align it as closely as possible with our available mentors. Please be sure to update your mentor profile thoroughly to help us with the matching process.

If you have open capacity, we may match you at any time with new students from upcoming cohorts or when students return from taking a break. In order to ensure the best experience for both you and our students, please ensure your capacity and availability are always kept up-to-date. You can do so from the "Capacity & Availability" tab in your profile (see screenshot below). 

Please note that updating your capacity and availability do not guarantee you are matched with more students.

Updating your Capacity

  1. Your capacity tells us how many mentees you can take each time we match students and mentors. If you need to increase or decrease your capacity, you can update your capacity to your preferred number of mentees and click save. Currently the maximum capacity limit for new mentors is 6 with additional capacity only being granted for those who have received a formal mentor review from their Mentor Manager.  
  2. Your capacity number reflects the number of students you are open to accepting. For example, if your capacity is set to 3, but you are working with 2 students, you can be matched with a 3rd student at any time. If your capacity is set to 3 but you are working with 3 students, you are at full capacity and can not be matched with more students. 
  3. For increasing capacity beyond 6 students, we typically consider increases after at least 3 months of mentoring with a minimum of 1 student completion and an excellent mentorship record. The maximum capacity is 10 students.
  4. When increasing capacity from 0, note that this increase must be approved by your Mentor Manager. This approval can take 1-2 business days and you will receive an email approving or denying your request. 
  5. Want to avoid matching with more mentees for the time being? Simply update your capacity to 0. When your capacity is set to 0, we will not match you with any new mentees. If you have a former mentee that is coming back to the course and your capacity is set to 0, we will email you first to see if you're open to take your returning mentee. If that's not possible, we'll match your returning mentee with another mentor. 

*Our team will be notified whenever you make any changes to your capacity. 

Updating your Availability

In addition to your capacity, you should make sure your availability is up to date by dragging and dropping your availability slots. To remove an availability slot, you can click the "x".

You can also set your timezone there.

Note: Please have at least 1 hour of availability for every unit of capacity. Ex. If you have capacity of 4 students, please have 4 hours of availability. This greatly helps with scheduling flexibility and ensures matches. 
Note: If you have weekly calls scheduled, you will not be able to adjust that particular availability slot, as seen in the gray time slot above.

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