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Mentor Slack Group

Both mentors and mentees are welcome to collaborate and ask questions in our online communities. However, we also want to provide you with a place to meet other mentors, talk about your experiences, support each other, and grow professionally. This is why we have mentors-only Slack groups, composed of other mentors and Springboard staff.

Joining the Group

When you first join as a mentor, you will receive an invitation to the appropriate Slack group for your course. 

For the UX Design course, you can find the Slack group here:

For all Data courses, you can find the Slack group here:

For the Software Engineering and Cybersecurity courses, you can find the Slack group here:

Posting in the Mentor Group

As a mentor, we encourage you to post in the online community. Because we have mentors in many different timezones and countries, please refrain from using the @channel tag unless absolutely necessary You may also send a direct message to your mentor operations manager from our Springboard team.

Some things we suggest to engage the group:

Questions! You can ask questions about your mentoring experience, resources, and more. You can also post questions to learn more about different topics yourself!
Mentoring Tips or Resources. If you're having trouble with one of your mentees or want to talk about how to support your mentees, post it in the community!
Post resources and events! You're welcome to post about job openings, meet-ups, conferences and more.

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