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Office Hours

Office Hours provide additional "class time" for students to watch Capstone Project Presentations, ask questions during open Q&A sessions, or learn more about the industry during career-oriented sessions. If your mentee is looking for more support, you can encourage them to attend Office Hours once a week at the time listed below. We also post the recordings in the online community!

Our Office Hours hosts come from our mentor community, so if you'd like to be a host yourself, please send us an email at Additionally, we have Mentors-Only Office hours, which serve as a call to get peer support and tips from mentors like yourself.  

Take a look at the schedule below! 

Workshop Name Time
Mentors-Only Office Hours (Meeting ID: 632-126-5349)  Last Thursday of each month at 11:30AM PST
Data Science Career Track Tuesdays at 4PM PST
Data Analytics Career Track Wednesdays at 4PM PST
Data Engineering Career Track Tuesdays at 10AM PST
UI/UX Design Career Track Tuesdays at 3PM PST
UX Design Career Track Tuesdays at 2:30PM PST
Software Engineering Career Track    Mondays at 1:30PM PST and Thursdays at 2:30PM PST 
Cybersecurity Career Track Tuesdays at 3:30PM PST
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