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Mentor Dashboard

The Mentor Dashboard is where you will see all the information you need regarding your mentees. We recommend getting familiar with this tool as you will be using it to check up on your mentees, join weekly calls, and access resources.

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3 - Reschedules & Cancellations
4 - Active & Past Students
5 - Checking Mentee Progress
6 - Checking Mentee Projects

Workshop Resources

At the top left-hand corner, you can see the links to a few different resources: Curriculum Feedback, Find and Share Resources, and the Mentor Slack Community for your course.

  • Share Curriculum Feedback
    • Share ideas for improving the current course curriculum
    • Suggests ways to improve projects
    • Upvote suggestions from other mentors 
  • Find and Share Resources in our Resource Library
    • Share resources like articles, videos, example projects
    • Reference resources that were shared in Slack by other mentors
  • Engage the Mentor Slack community
    • Share tips with other mentors
    • Ask how other mentors approach the curriculum and mentoring

Weekly Call Calendar

At the top of your dashboard, you will see a calendar with all your mentee calls for the current week. You may click the left and right arrows to view past or future calls.

Reschedules & Cancellations

In the event you need to reschedule or cancel your call, you can do so through your weekly calendar!


How to reschedule one call: In the case you need to reschedule an upcoming call, please give at least 24 hours notice to your mentee(s). Once you two find a mutually convenient time, update the calendar event to the new date and time.

How to reschedule all future calls: If you need to reschedule all of your subsequent calls, first coordinate with your mentee to determine the new day and time. Once you two have found a mutually convenient time, update the calendar event to the appropriate date and time.


Please try to avoid canceling your mentee calls if possible! Students look forward to their weekly calls to provide structure and accountability, and missing calls altogether is a poor experience for them.

If you need to cancel your call, email your mentee at least 24 hours in advance. In return, we also ask students to email their mentors if they need to cancel.

To cancel, click on your mentee’s name and select “Cancel Call”. Select your reason for canceling (e.g. “I need to cancel” or “My student needs to cancel”), and click “Save”.

After canceling your call, it will be automatically be removed from your Google calendar. Your mentee will also receive an email notification about the canceled call.

Mentee No-Shows

If your mentee does not show up to your weekly call, please mark this in the call history using the "Call did not happen" check box underneath the call window. If your student cancels within 24 hours or no-shows you are still compensated if you were available to take the call. If they fail to show up twice without prior communication, please reach out to us at to let us know!

Active & Past Students

Your current mentees will be listed under "Active Students". When you click on their name, you will be able to see their profile, curriculum progress, projects, weekly calls, and the goals your mentee has set for themselves.

Note: Mentees who have refunded, cancelled, froze, or completed a course will show up under the "Past Students" section underneath your "Active Students". You will still be able to see the projects they submitted and your call notes.

Checking Mentee Progress

In the profile section, you will see their "Total Progress" and "Weekly Progress Chart". Here, you can see how much of each section the student has completed as well as how much progress they have made each week.

Checking Mentee Projects

In the projects section, you will see the projects that your mentee has submitted throughout the course. For projects that require mentor assessment, please track their status using the dropdown options.

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