The Mentor Commitment

Mentorship is a pivotal part of the Springboard experience. You will have a huge impact on the success of your mentees during the course and likely throughout the rest of their careers. 

All of our students join our programs because they're excited to learn from industry experts like you! To help you understand your role as a mentor, here are a few guidelines.

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Springboard Mentor Honor Code
Violations of the Honor Code
Springboard's Commitment to You


Mentors are required to participate in weekly video calls with their mentees. Beyond this, we have the following expectations:

  • Mentors will review mentee project submissions (including the final capstone project) per any provided rubrics and be responsible for approving course completion of each mentee.
  • Mentors will maintain the confidentiality of information provided to them by mentees and by Springboard.
  • Mentors will honor the availability set on their profile to avoid mentee rematches.
  • Mentors will inform their mentees and/or Springboard Team if they are unable to attend a call.

Springboard Mentor Honor Code

The Mentor Honor Code is an undertaking of the mentors, individually and collectively:

  1. That they will be supportive and encouraging to their mentees as well as their fellow mentors.
  2. That they will honor their word for any commitments made.
  3. That they will be respectful to students, their fellow mentors, and Springboard staff.

Violations of the Honor Code

Examples of conduct that could be regarded as violating the Honor Code include:

  • Failing to give helpful or constructive feedback on mentee projects
  • Promising to send information after a call but never doing so
  • Missing calls without prior communication with your mentee and/or Springboard team
  • Rude or offensive comments or behavior in our online communities, during video calls and/or during any interactions to members of our community

Violations of the honor code may result in probation or dismissal of mentors. 

Our Community Standards, which we will continue to develop over time, serve as a guide for how to communicate and behave at Springboard. It is in this spirit that we ask our mentors to follow these guidelines. 

Escalation: If any type of content or behavior that violates the above Honor Code is noticed please immediately report the incident to

Springboard's Commitment to You

We are dedicated to making mentorship a valuable and fulfilling experience for you! As such, every member of our team promises to support each of our mentors to the best of our ability and to take all feedback seriously. We appreciate the time and energy you spend helping our students and are sincerely grateful to have you as part of our family! Please do not hesitate to reach out to or post in our mentor Slack community with any questions or concerns or to schedule a call with a member of our team.

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