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Springboard Community Guidelines

Community Guidelines

Our goal is to have a vibrant and supportive community that is safe, inspiring, and enjoyable for all members of our Springboard family. In order to achieve this, we have community guidelines for everyone.

We strive to:

  • Be a community.
    • Any community starts with its members (that means you!). Welcome new students and mentors, ask questions, and help others! Don’t be afraid to reach out to anyone and introduce yourself!
  • Be respectful.
    • We work together to resolve conflicts, assume good intentions, and never let frustration blind us from being respectful to each other.
  • Be supportive.
    • We are all in this together to help each other learn and grow! We extend helping hands to each other, whether it’s to answer questions, post resources, and more.
  • Be your awesome self.
    • We’re into transparency, honesty, and truth. People will respect you more, engage with you more often, and will build a more meaningful connection if you are your wonderful self.
  • Spread the wealth of knowledge.
    • Make the online community a more vibrant place by sharing your experiences and insight. You may have the perfect answer to another mentor's or student’s stumper of a question. We’re here to help each other learn!

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