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University Partnerships

Reaching New Audiences

We have seen strong student demand for university-offered bootcamps and credentials, and Springboard is now partnering with colleges and universities to serve this segment of students.

Review the deck of the vertical you are mentoring in to stay updated with our UP courses and differences with our B2C program: 

Springboard Branding

These UP courses will be “powered by Springboard” but will carry each university's specific look and feel. While some resources are still Springboard branded, please refer to the course as “[Insert University] UI/UX Design Bootcamp” or some abbreviation thereof.

Completion Requirements

Due to the lack of a job guarantee, all career services related assignments are optional. In addition, please refer any questions about course extensions to the student advisor, as they may vary based on the university partner. 

What Do Students Receive Upon Completion?

Students who complete a Springboard UP course will receive a Certificate of Completion from the university. Each UP course is branded as part of the university's overall portfolio of non-credit continuing education offerings. 

As we are growing our student success and deepening our impact, UMGC now offers 21 college credits for SEC and 10 for DAC!

No Job Guarantee 

The JG will remain a differentiator for our B2C offering. We will still provide the same high quality career coaching but without the guarantee. The career units will be optional for UP students.


Is this “accredited”?  No. Most degree programs have a regional or professional accreditation, but our courses work similarly to other offerings from Schools of Professional Education or Continuing Education and are “non-credit” in nature. 

How can you tell if your student is a UP student?

  • On your dashboard, each student will have the course they are in listed under their name
  • The University in which they are enrolled with will have its logo at the top of our emails


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