Online Community

Your mentee is part of a larger online student community. This is a great place to ask questions, post for feedback, and discuss various topics to get more information. The online community should be your mentee's go-to place for additional support.

We encourage you to post in the online community to answer questions and provide feedback! 

Accessing the Community

Our online communities are accessible below. They are also actively monitored by our Springboard Community Managers. If you're interested in being a Community Manager for any of our current courses, please send us a message at

Posting in the Community

Please encourage your mentee to engage with the community! Here are some ways your mentee can take advantage:

Mentees can ask questions about the curriculum material, capstone project, case studies, or the industry in general! Even you can ask questions if you want to learn something new, so don't be afraid to ask questions if you have them.
Mentees can post project ideas or drafts for feedback! Your mentee can gather a variety of perspectives, so you can encourage them to post their work to see what others have to say! Mentees can also post surveys and card sorts for responses.
Mentees can make study buddies! Your mentee can connect with people to go over curriculum material or even collaborate outside of your weekly calls!
Mentees can post resources and events! Both you and your mentee can share resources or events that are interesting and relevant to the community! Other mentors and mentees might be interested in them too.

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