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Setting Up Your Weekly Calls

You will have a 1:1 video call with each of your mentees at a fixed time every week. These recurring calls are scheduled when the course starts, during the time slots you provide us and calendar invites with call links are sent out.

Setup Before The Call

  • Find a quiet, well-lit place to do your calls
  • Test the camera and microphone to make sure they are working properly
  • Use headphones, so that feedback will be minimized
  • Be dressed appropriately 
Note: Screen sharing is very handy to share interesting tools or examples, or to walk through student projects for giving feedback!

Suggested Discussion Outline for First Call

  • Your Background (and your Mentee’s)
  • Fun Facts about you!
  • Questions for your Mentee
    • What are your goals within this field (data science, UX, etc.)?
    • What do you want to achieve from this course?
    • How much time can you spend on the course every week?
    • What do you want to achieve this week?
  • Your Mentee's Learning
    • How do you learn best?
    • What are 1-2 things that help keep you motivated?

Joining the calls

To join the calls, first log into your account and open up the mentor dashboard.
At the time of your call, click on your mentee's name on the left-hand panel.
Click on their "Weekly Call" tab or just click the call name on your weekly calendar at the time of your call

Once you're ready to meet your mentee, click "Join Call" from the dashboard calendar or the "Call on Zoom" button in the weekly call tab.
Once you have launched Zoom, you’ll be able to connect over video and chat with your mentee on the right side. If you've added your mentee as a contact, you'll also be able share your screen.

Once you have finished the call with your mentee, go back to your mentor dashboard to rate and add notes to your call. Logging each call is crucial to allow your mentor manager to pinpoint at-risk students and guide your mentoring much more effectively. Your call statuses allow us to:

- Flag potential student issues and act proactively to provide greater support, an important part of our one-size-fits-one approach
- Ensure payroll accuracy as we are planning a system where only mentor-logged calls will be compensated. Start building good habits now!

Note: Our website currently only supports Chrome and Firefox. We don’t support Safari or mobile at the moment but may consider these in the future. 

Communication Outside the Calls

As a mentor, the minimum commitment we require from you is that you attend your weekly calls with each mentee. For interactions with your student beyond this, we allow you to set expectations around the frequency of communication that works best for both of you.

Please discuss your level of availability for email correspondence with your student during the first call. Remember that even if you can't respond to an email immediately, just saying "I've received your message, and we can discuss on our next call" lets them know you got the message. It's better than not responding at all!

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