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Technical Skills Survey (TSS)

  1. Which students are required to take the TSS?
    1. Students in the DSCp, SECp, I2D and I2A prep courses
  2. What happens when my student passes the TSS? 
    1. Upon passing the Technical Skills Survey, you and your student will no longer have calls and the student will move to your past student's section. You will also no longer have access to mentor calls for the prep course so be sure to update and leave feedback on your calls asap! If they do not pass, any remaining calls will not be affected. We recommend connecting with your student about this during your first call.
  3. When is the deadline to pass the TSS to enroll in the full course?
    1. Enrollments for the full courses close on the Monday before the cohort start date. Students will need to have their TSS completed by that morning so that the Springboard team can internally review the test and accept them into the larger course if they pass.
    2. If the student isn't able to pass the TSS on the first try, no worries! They'll be able to take it again and join that month's cohort, or join the following month's cohort if they miss the enrollment deadline. 
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