Mentor Recognition Program: Springboard Inspire

Springboard Inspire, Mentor Recognition Program 

Springboard Inspire, our mentor recognition program, allows us to honor mentors for their contributions and growth within the community. 67% of the world’s best-in-class organizations have a recognition program in place (Aberdeen Group) and Springboard wants to continue to be on the leading edge of appreciating and retaining our mentor community by launching and maintaining this initiative. One of the primary goals of the program is to reward mentors for their role in student success. This allows us to align our mentors with our company-wide goal to enable all students to learn the skills they need to advance in their careers. 

How does it work? 

Performance of career track mentors can be assessed using a range of different variables. For Springboard Inspire, we’ve identified several factors for evaluating our mentors’ performance, including: 

  • average mentor call rating 
  • % of mentees that a mentor completes 
  • the average rating your mentees give the overall mentor experience upon completion 
  • tenure with springboard 
  • the total number of mentees a mentor has had in that career track 

How often will mentors be recognized? 

Every 6 months we will be recognizing mentors that reach the minimum performance threshold on their previous 12 months. 

How will mentors be recognized? 

Information on a mentor’s performance across the five factors for the previous 12 months will be used to determine if a mentor reaches a certain criteria. There are currently two categories of recognition named Top Performer or High Performer. These categories will get reassessed every six months. There will be a monetary bonus associated with each category which we will distribute with the monthly payments at the time a mentor is recognized.

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