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On-Demand Mentoring

Students in the Data Science Career Track, UX Career Track, UI/UX Career Track, MLE Career Track, and Data Analytics Career Track, Data Engineering Career Track, and Software Engineering Career Track have an additional resource available to them beyond their weekly mentor calls: on-demand mentoring (formerly known as Unlimited Mentor Calls or UMC).

  • What is it?
    • Students can schedule on-call mentoring sessions (with other mentors) to answer pressing questions and get unblocked immediately. 
    • Students can book On-Demand Mentoring calls via the Need Additional 1:1 Help? pop-up in the lower right-hand corner of their mentor call tab.
  • How does it work?
    • Springboard has a designated pool of on-call mentors ready to answer questions about specific units or projects that are blocking students from making progress. 
    • Students can schedule a single 30-min session no sooner than 2 hours in advance and no later than 72 hours from booking time. 
    • Students may not book more than 1 call in advance, nor more than 1 a day.
    • Students do not choose which mentor they talk to for these on-call sessions. Instead, they are randomly assigned to one of the available mentors. 
  • Does this impact my mentoring?
    • Not at all! You will continue to have your regularly scheduled weekly calls with your mentee(s).
    • On-demand mentoring is another resource that you can recommend when your mentee is stuck and you're unable to get back to them immediately.
    • You're able to see notes from on-demand mentors in the "unlimited mentor notes" tab of each student profile on your mentor dashboard: 

  • What are the other resources available to students again (in addition to on-call mentoring)?
    • The Online Community for written feedback from peers and our community manager.
    • Weekly Office Hours for career advice and general Q&A.
    • Course TAs for code reviews and project feedback.
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